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Millet Waffle and Pan Cake Mix -400gm

Millet Waffle and Pan Cake Mix -400gm

per 250 gm


Product details

Introducing the Millet Waffle and Pancake Mix, the ultimate solution for your breakfast cravings! 🥞🧇

🌟 Fluffy and delicious: With the Millet Waffle and Pancake Mix, you can easily whip up the most mouthwatering and fluffy waffles or pancakes in no time. Each bite is a delightful combination of lightness and sweetness that will leave you craving for more.

🌟 Versatile and easy to use: This mix is perfect for both waffles and pancakes, making it a versatile addition to your pantry. Simply add water or milk, mix it up, and voila! You can enjoy freshly made breakfast treats that will make your mornings extra special.

🌟 Time-saving delight: We understand how busy mornings can be, which is why our Millet Waffle and Pancake Mix is designed to save you time and effort. No need for complicated recipes or multiple ingredients – just grab our mix, follow the simple instructions, and you'll have a delightful breakfast ready in minutes.

🌟 Perfect for all occasions: Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, hosting a brunch, or simply treating yourself to a delicious morning meal, the Millet Waffle and Pancake Mix is a perfect choice. 


Delivery: PAN INDIA                         MADE IN INDIA                       HOMEMADE
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